Make your business work, so you don’t have to.

If you are having to work harder than your business to keep it going, the reality is you have succeeded in purchasing or creating a job for yourself… The ‘real’ definition of a BUSINESS is:

“A Commercial, Profitable Enterprise, That Works, Without You!” Brad Sugars.

We are delighted to announce The world’s number 1 business coach and best-selling author, Brad Sugars, is flying in from Las Vegas for 8 legs of his global ‘Finish It Tour’ to share his success keys and practical advice on how to get a business working so you, the owner, doesn’t have to!

The straight-talking Australian entrepreneur will be sharing with you the strategies he’s personally used time and time again to multiply revenue and profits of under-performing companies. You’ll also find out the biggest business secret there is during his three-hour talk.

If you have business growth aspirations, you can look forward to his insights and proven model to help take your businesses to the next level of success.

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Three reasons why anyone serious about business should attend this event…

Here’s 3 Reasons why Brad Sugars is an authority on building success:

  • He’s a millionaire maker, hundreds of his students around the world credit Brad and his teachings with their ability to make millions. Now you can too!

  • He makes it all so simple as he takes you step-by-step up the entrepreneurial ladder, you’ll see how it’s done and then, how you can make it happen for you.

  • He’s one of the only guys who’s actually done it that’s still teaching. With a global business, a lifestyle most of us only dream of and yet he’s still willing to take time out to educate others. Join us! It will be one of the best decisions you’ve ever made.


Brad will reveal the biggest ‘business secret’ there is during his three-hour talk.

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Brad Sugars – Live!

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Registration will open at 5.30pm.
Brad Sugars will be on stage from 6.30pm to 9.30pm.
VIP reception with Brad Sugars from 9:30pm to 10:30pm.

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  • "An exceptionally motivating seminar." Liam Connelly, CPS Building Services,
  • "Come with an open mind and come if your serious about investing in yourself and your future." Gavin Jones, Gavin Jones Consultancy,
  • "It’s inspirational to another level, there is so much I have gained from today. It has given me different views on what I’m going to be doing for the business going forward – it’s mind blowing!" Steve Cobb, New Image Tiles & Kitchens ,
  • "Book it now, run to the next tour, don’t walk!” Tim Roberts, Tim Roberts Electronics ,
  • "It has really motivated me to carry on with my learning to focus on how much I can improve and it’s made me realise how much further I have to go to be where I want to be." Jacob Neil, Avalanche Entreprise,
Brad Sugars

Who is Brad Sugars?

When I started my company from a small garage in Brisbane, I knew one thing: my business coaching business had tremendous potential to help more people than I could possible help in a small city in the Southern Hemisphere.

I knew I had to think BIGGER, act LARGER, really TRANSFORM the way I made decisions ... I had to learn how to get out of my own way and MAN UP before I could take my business all over the world.

That’s how I did it and I want to teach you how to do it too.

How can anyone prescribe business strategies and methods if they haven’t done it themselves?

You need to know how it feels to be under a heavy load, push yourself to the limits, and to know how it feels when you actually do it! I have gone through the pressures, become the person I had to and achieved my vision.

And before actually making it, I have trained rigorously to get to where I am today.

The more I trained myself, the more training tips and cues I accumulated in my locker and now I want to reveal what it takes.

Would you rather listen to and take tips from someone who hasn't done it himself?

Here’s what separates me from the pretenders...

There are a lot of business speakers out there who deliver a great presentation. But there's NO MEAT in their game. They haven't built global organisations, yet they claim to know all about this stuff and present seminars on this subject.

I'm part of the minority here – one who has actually built a global organisation in more than 50 countries ... and I've done it from the ground up.

While this is no easy feat, it takes hard work and know-how... I've read over 2,000 business books and listened to all of the thought leaders worth listening to so you don't have to. I know if you follow the exact same strategies I used, they will work just as well for yourself.


I don't just teach theory. All of my business teaching is based on my own personal experience owning all or part of 50 businesses in my 20+ years of experience running companies and investing.


You see, I'm passionate about helping others learn how to be successful in their own businesses and investments.


I believe in ABUNDANCE and firmly believe there is plenty of wealth to go around.


Authoring books has been another rewarding way for me to share my knowledge with others. I've authored 16 books on business and investing, with 4 international best sellers.


I put my OWN real-life experiences, successes and failures in everything I write about so you can learn from my experiences.


I like to use the stories of business owners I have PERSONALLY coached over the years to deliver SOLID lessons in business strategies.


I want to teach you the exact same strategies I used for my own businesses.


This is YOUR opportunity to spend three hours with me on how to create both income and wealth for yourself and grow your business beyond the small boundaries you've marked for yourself.


I have been doing this for over two decades now and have presented my proven systems, methods and wealth creation strategies to tens of thousands of business owners around the world. And I have made a MASSIVE difference in their business and lives.


I've been able to help thousands like you work fewer hours, and make more money than they have ever made before. I helped them do this by sharing my own systems, formulas and wealth creation strategies so they could replicate them successfully.